Isle of Lanzarote

Famara – a tiny and beautiful fisher village

It is very quiet round the bay of Penedo with white sand and romantic atmosphere. Some colored fisher boats are lying in the water in front of the beach. Some fisherman show with pride their catch. It seems that in Famara time stands still.

This quiet village belongs to the community of Teguise.
This area is quiet windy and brings some sand from the Sahara desert.

On the bottom of the mountain Risco de Famara there are some surfers in the water waiting for the perfect wave.

The beach of Famara is 5 km long and the hugest beach on the isle. The locals and surfers call this beach Caleta de Famara their paradise. It’s a special atmosphere when the sound of the sea comes to the village and when the waves crash on the rocks on the coast. The huge waves on this coast are especially popular for windsurfers, surfers and kite surfers, who got to love and respect the power of the sea and the huge waves.

In the small village of Famara you find different kinds of holiday cottages and apartments.

Famara has got only 300 habitants, but it’s well known on the rest of the isle because of the famous fish specialties. Lots of restaurants and bars are enjoying the good image and the guests love to taste the fresh fish and seafood.

If you wish you can make some excursions by boat. Only a few meters from the normal beach you can find a nudist beach. The beach Playa de Famara is one of the few beaches where nudism is not disturbing anybody and can be practiced without any problem.

In Famara and surroundings you can go hiking and discover nice landscapes on the isle. You can do some hiking excursions along the coast or in the mountains near Famara. The volcanic landscape and the special fauna and flora are one of the highlights in Famara and surroundings.

As the wind conditions in Famara are perfect for different kinds of sports you have got as well the possibility to make a tandem flight and practice paragliding in Famara.

Famara is a nice village with many beautiful places, excellent restaurants and many possibilities to practice different kinds of sports and watersports.
During your holiday in Famara you can enjoy the wonderful landscape and the unique atmosphere.

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