Isle of Lanzarote

Tinajo, Lanzarote

Tinajo, full of historical buildings and a meetingplace for athletes

The city of Tinajo is one of the seven municipalities of the island of Lanzarote.

Tinajo is famous for the "Club La Santa". A lot of athletes meet there every year.

Tinajo is one of the best places to do windsurfing. Here is also the very famous wrestling arena Terrero in which a lot of wrestling matches are held.

A very nice sight in Tinajo is the parish church San Roque, which was build at the end of the 18th century. San Roque belongs to one of the most beautiful churches on the island. The city has also some very nice old countryhouses that once belonged to the nobility, these are situated in La Vegueta.

Another nice sight to mention is the protected landscape La Geria and the national park of Timanfaya. Both of them are almost situated next to Tinajo and really worth to see.

Another nice church the visitor should not miss to see is the church of the holy Dolores, also known as the virgin of the volcano. This church you can find in Mancha Blanca and it is the destination of thousands of pilgrims every year.

Every year on the 15th September is a big festival in memory of the volcano eruptions between 1730-1736 that did not destroy the village. This is seen as a miracle.

Tinajo gives the best opportunity to see wonderful landscapes, nice sigths like different historical buildings, as well as having the opportunity to practice water sport like windsurfing.