Isle of Lanzarote

Tías, Lanzarote

Tias, viticulture and original canarian atmosphere

Tías is the main town of a municipality with the same name in the south of Lanzarote.

It overlooks Puerto del Carmen and has allocated all the administrative centres for the local services of Puerto del Carmen.

Tias has some good spanish bars and restaurants and is a good alternative to escape the hectic of the tourism resort of Puerto del Carmen.

Very nice sights in and around the town are for example the church of San Antonio and the Church Candelaria. The church of Candelaria was built in 1796.

Tías has a cultural centre, which is the most important one on the island. It has a municipal theatre, which performs a wide variety from traditional spanish folklore to modern jazz events.

The town offers you very nice beaches, which are not far away. The beaches are very clean, and it is a pleasure to go and take a bath there. Its main beach is "Playa Grande", the largest in the island, and, near it, you will find a huge variety of restaurants and shops.

A wonderful sight to mention is also the protected landscape La Geria. La Geria is famous for its winegrowing and the special way the wine is planted. It looks like a big work of art that is worth to take a photo.

If one wants to go diving, sailing or to see other typical tourist attractions, then you just have to go to Puerto del Carmen and you're in the middle of an attractive tourist resort.

Tías has kept its traditional and special spanish feeling. It's a bit out of the view of the main tourist attractions of resorts like Puerto del Carmen and is not mentioned in the major tourist guides.