Isle of Lanzarote

Holidays in San Bartolomé

Enjoy your holiday in the city and county of San Bartolomé

San Bartolomé (Spanish for Saint Bartholomew) is located in the geographical centre of Lanzarote island and belongs to the province of Las Palmas. Stretching towards the southern coastal line, the county covers 40.89 square kilometers and accommodates around 18,000 inhabitants.

San Bartolomé is a traditional canarian town with wonderful narrow streets and typical houses.
The county administration is situated in the village of same name, but the biggest village belonging to the county is named Playa Honda and accommodates around 10,000 inhabitants. Further villages are Guimé, El Islote, Montaña Blanca, Tomarén and Mozaga.

The village of San Bartolomé lies west of the mountain Monte Mina and was once the most important place for the native people, the Majos. Their crafts and tools can be seen in the ethnographic museum Tanit, which was built in the 18th century.

Nowadays most of the native people are working in the service for tourism or as farmers.
One of the most beautiful attractions of San Bartolomé is the townhall, which is built in colonial style from the early Southern States.

The church Iglesia de San Martín was founded in 1787 and was built in 1789 on the base of light-grey vulcanic stones. Its special coffered ceiling is decorated in Mudéjar-style.

Further cultural highlights are the Monumento al Campesino, a peasant monument, which is located in Mozaga and the Palace of Zonzama, which is of high archaeological interest.

The county also offers beautiful nature sites, e.g. the beaches of Guasimeta and Playa Honda, which are ideal for swimming or the nature reserve of La Gería, a "must-see" for nature and wine lovers.