Isle of Lanzarote

Package holidays in Lanzarote

You want to get away from it all? Book a package tour in Lanzarote (Package holidays in Lanzarote)

Adventures, fun, your next holiday on Lanzarote
Lanzarote is the somewhat austere beauty that impresses the on-looker at second glance. But this may be just your very idea of an interesting holiday. Masses cannot be expected on this island, it is more of a place for indidualistic people who love nature. Yet Lanzarote sports a number of elegant and well-equipped resorts and hotels, and its choice of sights is enormous.

Step on board, your perfect holiday is waiting
If you want a hassle-free type of holidays you should opt for a package tour to this beautiful island. All you have to do is choose your destination, the type of hotel you wish to stay at; the rest will be your tour operator`s job. And he will do a great job which will make you feel both pampared and relieved. You have enough chores and duties to do at home: as a holiday-maker you want to simply enjoy, this is your right, and Lanzarote is the right place to do this.

A great choice of parks and views
If you want to get a proper view of the island and its expansion you might consider going up-hill, to the top of the Mirador del Río, which will leave you kind of breath-less, such beauty will await you. You want a nice little thrill? Then visit the Cueva de los Verdes, a tunnel that leads through impressive layers of volcanic lava. As a wine lover you might want to give the vineyards of La Geria a try. Watch the way sun-kissed wine leaves grow and try some oft the results, superb local wines. What you should not miss is visiting the Jardín de Cactus which shows you the full diversity of cactuses. After all, the Canary Islands are "desert islands" and the cactus is kind of a symbol that life is there, and in its most beautiful variants. Visit the foundation César Manrique, that features a museum, too. Castles, anyone? Yes, visit Castillo Santa Barbara or else the castle of San Gabriel. How did respectively do the peasants live? You will learn all about it at the peasants`museum in Tiagua. But above all: relax and enjoy the island!