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Of the Canary Isles, Lanzarote is the one in the northeast of the Atlantic Ocean.

As on the other Canary Isles, Spanish is the official language spoken on Lanzarote.

Since tourism is the most important business, English is popular and most natives speak it as well.

One of the things Lanzarote is famous for is the swell and very original landscape.

Sights for nature lovers are the Papagayo-beaches eastwardly of Playa Blanca, one of the favourite tourist towns.

With their white beach and the lava-cliffs inbetween, one can easily spend a day there, swimming and admiring the surrounding.
One should think about walking across the cities and sights, as parking a private car nearby is very expensive and complicated.

For all the people who likes the volcanic landscape and loves eating fish, El Golfo and the small township Yaiza is the place to go to.

The vulcanic crater and its lagoon is protected by nature conservancy.

The heart of oenophiles will beat faster at the sight of La Geria, the huge winegrowing area. The Museum of Modern Art decided in the 60`s that this area has to be seen as pure work of art.