Isle of Lanzarote

Flights to/from Lanzarote

Flights to/from Lanzarote

The Canary Island of Lanzarote is an example how a single person can shape the face of an island. Cesar Manrique, a native artist, is responsible that Lanzarote escaped from ugly, popular holiday resorts and similar buildings destroying the landscape.
Even in the capital Arrecife there are only buildings with few storeys, which is influencing a lot the ambience of the city. volcanic.

The dark coloured lava rocks form a particular contrast with the beaches. This gives a quite special flair to the landscape of Lanzarote, which is the most northeastern of the Canary Islands. In combinationwith this contrast, the enjoyable climate of the Canary Island is a reason for many tourists to visit Lanzarote every year.

This isle is very adequate to organise various day trips round the whole area and explore the nature there.

Cut-rate prices for flights to Lanzarote are offered by the airlines since a few years only.

The classic "standard" flight is the schedule flight which is normally contained in the packages offered by many tour operators. Furthermore there still are charter flights to the Canary Islands. As well in between the Isles the bargain ist vey economical and Lanzarote is a good point of departure to other destinations. This is primarily valid when you are resident but the prices are proportionally still cheap also for holiday-makers.

Binter Canarias bring you from Lanzarote to all the other six Canary islands as well as to Marrakech.

Islas Airways circulates between Lanzarote and the neighbouring islands Tenerife and Gran Canaria.