Isle of Lanzarote

Famara, Lanzarote

Surfers paradise on Lanzarote

The pristine village Famara boasts of the longest beach on the island

In the north of the Canary Island Lanzarote lies the picturesque village of Famara in the bay of Penedo. Although the small village is considered to have the longest beach on the whole island with over five kilometres, it is still a quite and pristine place.

Famara is known to be often windy and its waters to be driven by strong current, therefore it has come to be a mecca for surfers. The broad beach with its cliffs and wild waves offers ideal surfing conditions both for beginners as well as for advanced surfers. Famara is worldwide known for the wave of San Juan which is place of regular contests. Also non-surfers enjoy to watch the powerful motion of the waves on Famara beach which is considered as a tremendous sight.

For the same reason, swimming is not safe on some parts of the beach. Nonetheless, there is a naturism beach to the northern end of the coast which is one of the very few nudism beaches on the island. Being under the influence of the tides, the beach allows extended walks on the broad beach which falls dry during low tide.

Famaras beauty lies in its exceptional landscape which is dominated by the hillside of the mountain range Risco de Famara and the waters of the Chinijo archipelago. The area is mostly of volcanic origin dominated by scarce vegetation which allows for long hikes through the mountains. Because of the close proximity of the Canary Islands to Northern Africa, the warm and dry winds of the Sahara blow over the North coast of Lanzarote.

Most people in Famara live on fishing, the harbour is dominated by the shipping boats anchoring there. The village is small, with only 300 inhabitants that live a life unaffected by tourism. Still, it overs a good range of bars and restaurants that offer the fresh fish the fishermen bring in each day. They allow for long quiet evening hours on the harbour with a glas of wine and a chat with the locals.