Isle of Lanzarote

Climate and weather on Lanzarote

Most vacationers long, at least in the nicest and most restful time of the year, for the sun and warmth.

Here the island Lanzarote is exactly the right choice, because it is known as an island of the everlasting spring. There rules all year round a very mild climate poor in precipitation.


All year round the mercury column moves during the day around possibly around 20°C and more. However, seldom the temperatures rise more than 30°C. Nevertheless, these almost endless spring phases can be interrupted occasionally also once by chiller days, which is why one should have quietly a pullover or a jacket in the luggage – to the security.

At night, indeed, the temperatures drop, however, besides, it never gets cold really. This very pleasant climate owes the island, on the one hand, to the trade winds and on the other hand the Canaries stream.

Thanks to this sea current the water temperatures the whole year are also compensated very much. Lanzarote is the nearly driest one of the Canary islands, only fuerteventura ist even more dry.

However, this does not mean that it is never got cloudy on Lanzarote. Here the clouds itself form, however, move mostly only over the island away without raining down.

The level scenery of the island is responsible for it. If it comes on Lanzarote in rare cases, nevertheless, once to precipitation, rain mostly happens between January and March.

The rest of the year is rather dry. In the north of the island lies of the Penas del Coche which is the highest mountain of the island with 670 m. However, his height is not sufficient to dam up the clouds and to bring to rain down. Therefore, the amount of precipitation of just 135 mms per year is relatively low.

Nevertheless, the clouds which move about the Famara mountains form a certain air humidity. The palms and other plants of the island get by with this air humidity. Only here in the north appreciable rain falls in the wintertime. Here that's why the scenery changes in the spring to a true flower sea. The constantly light trade winds make the high summer temperatures in the Canaries tolerable and pleasant.

Besides, the chill trade wind coming from north-east holds back the hot aerial masses from the African Sahara and makes the temperatures for a Lanzarote to vacation also in summer tolerable. Nevertheless, the influence of the not far distant Sahara becomes sometimes apparent in the form of high temperatures or dust or light sandy storms.

The local islanders call this southeaster, by the way, "Calima". He can provide under circumstances for temperatures up to 40°C. However, this weather phenomenon seems relatively seldom and lasts only few days.

Who comes during the winter months to Lanzarote, best of all one lodging should search itself in the southwest part of the island, because here most solar days are to be expected in this season.