Isle of Lanzarote

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The airport of Lanzarote is situated in the islands capital Arrecife.

The airport was built between 1936 and 1940, first as a military airport to help to defend the island in the Second World War and later when tourism on the island grew more important, it became a major tourism airport with thousands of guests from all around the world every year.

Tourists can either fly with international airlines like the German LTU coming from Germany, but also with regional airlines like Islas Airways which fly between the islands as well as to Madeira.

There are also connections from the mainland of Spain via Madrid with airlines like Spain Air or Europe Air that fly different times a week.

One can get good offers for cheap flights to Lanzarote either on last minutes offers in a travel agency or in the internet.

A good german airline that offers cheap flights to Lanzarote is for example Air Berlin or even Condor.

One can get also great low cost flights directly at the airport at the office of the airlines. One can book the flights right there at the airport and save therefore a lot of money.